Schiller earrings


Two beautiful bezel-set labradorites with a gold-plated filigree twisted coin-shaped ornament.

Please note that although we do our best to match these stones in a nice pair,  labradorite is a natural gemstone with so many different overtones that it is impossible to get two identical gems! If you’re craving perfection you might not be satisfied with this product. If however, you appreciate nature and its small “accidents”, then these earrings are perfect for you!

Total height: 5cm

Did you know?

Labradorite displays an optical effect we commonly refer to as iridescence or colour play. This effect is produced just under the surface of the stone and is not visible under a microscope. Labradorite commonly has dark “veins” that run across the stone in different directions.

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All items are handmade, one by one, in our atelier in Arnhem. This is why every item is unique in its beauty! Treat with love, store with care and wear with pride.

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925° Sterling silver, Gold plated silver