The designer

Hi! I’m Eleana , owner and designer of jewellery brand and shop Fi Atelier.

As a little girl I was fascinated by my mother’s jewellery box. I would carefully examine every little piece and I loved the complexity (or simplicity) of the designs, the sparkle of the stones, the beauty of the colours. I wanted to live in this universe of gemstones.

Sο what do you study as a 17-year-old who loves jewellery? I was passionate about physics and chemistry but also about art and aesthetics. So, I went on and studied Chemistry, French, Geology, Art Restoration and History of Art before specialising in Gemmology and Diamond Grading. I followed every relevant workshop, tutorial and seminar I could find: silversmithing, pearl stringing, antique jewellery valuation, gemstone enhancement and many, many more. I absorbed all I could learn from a long career through the fine jewellery business which took me from Athens to London, Basel, Paris, Antwerp, Mykonos, Bangkok, Hong Kong and New York and back to Athens.

And then I fell in love with a Dutchie. What a surprise! I loaded my car and drove 2000 km from Athens to Arnhem to live with him and his 2 children. Within a few weeks, I knew this was my new home. I settled down, rented a small studio space and went to work.

What I’ve learned this far:
Follow your dream. Value your time. Work hard and don’t give up. Live, love and be happy.